Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Freezing!

Can you say "I Love Granddaddy?"

It's almost mid-January in North Alabama and I feel like I'm living in Northern Canada instead of Huntsville, Alabama. This morning it was almost single digits as we awoke to a bright and sunny day. Signs of our brief, albeit exciting, snowfall remain from a couple of days ago. We received a whopping 1/2 inch of measurable snow. Mostly it was simply blowing around on the streets, but nonetheless, everyone around here was excited to see the white stuff. Schools closed preemptively, as much for the temps as for the precipitation. In this area, as soon as bad weather is even forecasted, the bread and milk fly from the shelves. Not sure why everyone always goes for those particular staples, but they do.

Cody enjoying the Snow!

Of course, the main reason that this kind of weather creates angst, is because the city is not really prepared to handle and accommodate the snow & ice - since it occurs so infrequently. The city does a good job dispensing sand and cinders, but salt doesn't get used very often. It also means that folks don't have much experience driving on the icy roads - roads that are also quite hilly in some areas. Ice braking, steering, scraping, etc., are seldom used skills that are honed in this TN Valley city.

Dad & Jim at the UK - U of L Game

Even though the weather is suspect, the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team isn't. Come on, say it with me.... "National Champions!!" Around here football is king! Even if you are not a rabid Tide fan, you have to be impressed with an undefeated season and a National Championship. It's good for UA, the SEC, and the state. Now... it's basketball season: Go Big Blue!!

No Worries! We have Plenty!

We are enjoying living with our new "housemates". However, we are naturally going through many more basic household items, such as food, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc. Did I mention toilet paper? But, it's OK!

Caitlin in Her 2009 Corolla

Caitlin has enrolled at Calhoun Community College and is looking for part-time work to help pay for gas. She loves to drive! Daniel has a job interview next week and Lauren & Savannah are keeping us entertained. Savvy seems to be changing everyday. She is a very pleasant baby and smiles all the time. She's starting to make all kinds of joyful little noises - baby talk, I guess. I'm still trying to get her to say "I love my Granddaddy the most...". So far.... she just squeals... We're still working on it. Stay warm...