Saturday, November 21, 2009

What If....?

I've been thinking for a few weeks regarding the question: What if....? I started making a list of ideas and then went to the Internet. I Googled "what if.." and got a staggering number of hits. For example, there are student competitions that generate "what if" ideas. There are a blogs, innovation companies, and even a restaurant named "What if .... of Hershey".

"What if" can take on many different viewpoints. Here are some of my thoughts:

What if we ....

  1. never needed locks
  2. had no bad memories
  3. always made the right decision
  4. had no regrets
  5. never had a negative or impure thought
  6. had unlimited resources
  7. always felt accepted
  8. never envied anything or anyone
  9. we were always satisfied
  10. never wanted
  11. were happy with our bodies
  12. were never sad
  13. had a sports team that never lost
  14. never had cliques
  15. were always thankful
  16. took nothing for granted
  17. never needed a doctor or lawyer
  18. never got tired
  19. never cried
  20. never had another bad hair day
  21. all had hair
  22. never had crime
  23. were never lonely
  24. really enjoyed each other
  25. could ask God anything?
Hmmm... Sounds a bit like heaven doesn't it?

Another viewpoint:

What if....

  1. I can't remember how to change a diaper
  2. my DirecTV goes out during the Iron Bowl
  3. they finally decide that Splenda really is bad for you
  4. hand sanitizer is really a scam
  5. my kids dress me in stripes together with plaids when I'm in a old-folks home
  6. all of our recycling efforts just end up in the same pile of garbage anyway
  7. Savannah doesn't recognize me unless I place a laptop next to my head
  8. UK is not in the Final Four
  9. my dog stopped barking at 6 in the morning
  10. turkey & dressing really are good for you? - Happy Thanksgiving!

Want to add to the list? Leave a comment....
But.... "what if" no one has an opinion....?


  1. What if:
    -we really had the Faith of a child,
    -America turned back to God
    -we prayed without ceasing
    -we trusted in the Lord with all our heart
    Happy Thanksgiving, JDW

  2. Jim:
    Just checking in.
    We had our first baby granddaughter on the 8th of December. Isabella Elise is perfect :o)

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
    God Bless, JDW