Friday, September 25, 2009

A Shot at Greatness!

A shot at greatness! Not many of us get it... not many of us even deserve it. But, some people are so authentic... so honest... so genuine.... that they not only get a shot, but they overshoot the target and achieve something that some of us only dream about.

I hope you'll read the story of one man from Kentucky that raised a wonderful family, was extremely comfortable in his own skin, and only wanted to be the best he could ever be... no matter what everyone else thought. His name is Archie Burchfield. I met him once. You'd never think of him as great.... until you saw what he could do....


  1. Loved your comments about dad. I read them to mom and she loved them too. Said so much, with just a few words. We were both touched!

  2. Amazing! Great story.