Sunday, September 27, 2009

Someone Said "YES"!

Sunday, September 27, 2009! A BIG day for the Boltes! Someone said "YES"! It happened in Upland, Indiana, at Payne's Restaurant. Bethany Cleveland agreed to become the wife of Jordan Bolte, our son. Jordan is a wonderful young man.... but I'd have to say that he certainly "traded up" - for sure!

Bethany is a delight and joy to be around. We have come to love her personality, her heart, and her love for God... and our son. We have prayed for many years for Jordan's wife-to-be. God has answered our prayers with an excellent young lady named Bethany.

She is from Michigan and has great family. I have been thrilled to see how they have welcomed Jordan into their family circle during the dating days. Jordan has put quite a few miles on the Scion Tc driving from Indiana to Michigan. He's made even longer hauls from Alabama to Michigan. It must be love...

Jordan searched for the perfect ring for many months. He actually picked up the ring while we were in Australia in July. I'm really impressed that he was able to hold on to the ring until now.... he was quite anxious to give it to her quickly. But, before he did, he was adamant about getting her parents' blessing. He spoke to her father and they agreed to meet face to face to have "The Discussion". I came to learn later that Mr. Cleveland asked Jordan some very appropriate, yet tough questions. Apparently, Jordan spoke from the heart and did very well. The Clevelands gave their blessing for the two to wed.

While her parents were visiting this weekend at school, Jordan decided it was time. He actually sent us a text message prior to the big event. It said "Game time! Ring time! Gimme 2 hours and I'll be a taken man...". Here's the play by play as I imagine it.... even though I, actually, wasn't even there....

Jordan, Bethany, and her parents decide to have lunch at Payne's Restaurant near Taylor University's campus. It's the favorite hang out for the two seniors. It's a sandwich and coffee shop of sorts.... a place where local artists often display their latest efforts. The location of their seating must be very strategic... not too far, not too close. They all order from the menu, but Jordan's heart is beating 90 miles/hour. His voice isn't quivering yet, but it's not too far away. Thank goodness he visited the Men's room earlier. He certainly doesn't have any appetite and Bethany thinks that's a bit strange. But, for all intent & purposes, she has no idea what's coming....

Also what she doesn't know is that Jordan pulled an all-nighter and drew a picture of the actual scene that was about to happen. Of course he is sleepy, but the adrenaline is racing! Jordan had actually worked it out with one of Payne's employees to call Bethany up to the current art work to show her the latest displays. There are several examples of wonderful paintings, drawings, and photographs. Bethany enjoys most, if not all, of them. Then the employee says, as she unveils the final drawing, "they are all good, but this one is the best!".

It is a drawing of Jordan on his knee proposing to Bethany in Payne's restaurant! She immediately recognizes it and spins around to see the love of her life on his knee, asking " Will you marry me Bethany?" I suppose she screamed "YES!" and parents, bride-to-be, and a couple of other unsuspecting customers shed a few tears. I did too, when I received an email with a picture of the ring on her hand...

No date set yet, but I'm guessing sometime after they both graduate next May. They really are a pretty cool couple. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing how God uses them on their journey ahead. Welcome to the family, Bethany! We look forward to getting to know your parents and sisters more also. Now.... it's time to give your cheeks a little rest.... stop smiling for a few minutes....

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  1. This is a great play-by-play Jim. One that will make hopeful brides-to-be even more hopeful and determined to believe that there are romantic young men still out there and worth the wait. One that will make the "old" married wives smile and say,"Romance is not dead...although it may slow down a bit after 20+ years." haha
    I pray that your son and new daughter will continue to follow their Father's will and can't wait to hear how He uses them as a couple! Sounds like both families offer really deep (holy) roots and a solid foundation of love, commitment, and grace that will be of great support when the winds of time blow.