Saturday, October 31, 2009

Authentic Young Adults...?

Almost every Monday night we host between 15 - 25 Young Adults at our home in Madison, AL. We usually hang out for a while, eat a bit, have a bible study, and hang out some more. Tami & I love doing life with younger folks. I have to admit though that there have been times when I couldn't stay awake any longer and had to give up & go to bed. I left them in capable hands though. Tami can hang with the best of them... We have always hoped that we could plug into a ministry at church that would give us the chance to pour into people's lives and build authentic relationships.
So far this past year, we've gone through lots of pizza, bottled water, and a variety of desserts. We've also studied James, 1 John, Jonah, Heaven, Revelation, Angels, The Resurrection, etc. We, along with another couple, probably do less teaching and more facilitating. They love to discuss the text and what it means to them on a day-to-day basis.

Sometimes we also have parties: Super Bowl, Black & White, Tacky
Christmas Sweater, White Elephant, and Costume parties... Ahh costume parties.. now this is where the authenticity really shines! Last night, at our 2nd annual Young Adults Costume Party, we had a plethora of characters... Rubix Cube, Acorn, Double Dare contestant, Blue's Clues, Caesar & Cleopatra, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Tattooed bikers, a No-Good Veterinarian, Quail Man, Harlem Globetrotter & Cheerleader, Lorraine & husband from Mad TV, GI Joe, Trucker, Disco Man, Anti-Brett Farve fan club, "recession" costume man... just to name a few. Was this the real character of some of these folks really coming to the surface???
Boy, I hope not!!
Tami and I were the bikers... trust me, this was not our true character coming to the surface... but I can only speak for myself... Our costumes were pretty cool - except for the clip-on ear ring that I had to wear. About half way through the party, someone felt the need to tell me I was wearing the ear ring on the wrong side..... what?! There's a right and wrong side?? My right ear was already numb from the clip-on. No way I was going to do the same to the left....
Nevertheless, we had another great time with some great

On Tami's Facebook, where you can see more pictures, we saw some friends who dressed up as "blind referees". Hmmm? Now that's an idea in SEC Land....

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