Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey Lyla!

It won't be long now! Soon we'll meet and I'll get to see and hold you for the first time. Frankly I don't know much about you yet....other than you weigh about 7.5 pounds so far, have chubby cheeks, will have the name of Lyla Grace Windsor, and have a big sister named Savannah Hope.
But by the same token, you don't know much about me either. So let me give you some inside information. I'm really good looking, have lots or hair, abs of steel (I'll explain what abs are when you're older), find joy in interior decorating, don't watch much ESPN, and hate sweets. You'll learn more about me once you arrive and we can spend some time together. But, for now, those are the key points...
I'm looking forward to your arrival in less than two weeks. But I do have a favor to ask. I'll be out of town from May 22-24, visiting Washington DC. So if it's not asking too much, could you show your pretty face either before or after that time? Now I know your Mom wants your birthday to be ASAP, but don't let her influence you. Take your time...just not too much time. Your sister was born near Sydney, Australia. You'll be born in Huntsville, Alabama. I really appreciate you arriving a bit closer to our home. It'll be a much shorter trip to the hospital for us.
It appears that everything is ready for your grand entrance. There have been showers (you know, gifts, games, and stuff), many wardrobe purchases, lots of new diapers piling up, several doctor visits, and overnight bags packed. All we need is you!
Someday when you get to read this, I hope you'll realize how much we anticipated your arrival and how much we loved you already. So until we meet face-to-face, simply know that your Granddaddy may joke around sometimes, but not when it comes to how much he cares for and loves his grandchildren... Love you Miss Lyla... See ya soon!


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! And I remember people "trembling" when they had to approach you at work...terrified of the boss. If they only knew what a mush you are. Of course, they aren't your grandchildren, so that could be the difference. haha :)

  2. What a sweet letter. Someday Lyla will be so happy to read this. What a nice thing to do!