Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Cords Attached!

Tami's New iPhone

The Boltes have their first iPhone... well Tami does. I am still faithfully using a company-provided BlackBerry. Since Mother's Day, Tami has been on this new iPhone adventure. Now let me clarify about Mother's Day. It really wasn't an outright MD gift. She actually "needed" a new phone anyway. But, it's like "killing two birds with one stone", right? Get Tami a cool MD gift AND replace her worn out phone at the same time. I also remember her telling me many years ago after I gave her a truly wonderful gift with a cord attached, "Don't ever get me another gift with a cord attached!". I don't remember exactly what it was, but I'm guessing it was something like a waffle iron, curling iron, or electric drill... So, even though the new iPhone 4 needs a cord to be recharged, she hasn't complained far.
Here's the thing. When Tami had her old cell phone, it didn't do much more than call people. It was internet-capable, but not very user-friendly. It did have different basic features like speed dialing and a phone directory (contacts list), but she rarely used any of them. She would actually memorize the numbers of her most frequent calls and dial them manually.... who does that!?! Now Tami has this fully loaded, state of the art, user-friendly smart phone that she is struggling to learn. I mean it's like going from that dial-up internet connection to our super fast, home wireless can never go back.

Tami & Lauren using "Facetime"

But I'll give her credit, she is trying. Even though I've had to show her some things multiple times, she is getting the hang of it. She's using Facebook, Voice Mail, Text Messaging, Facetime, and even playing a few games. She LOVES "Words with Friends". It's a kind-of Scrabble game. She's actually getting a little obsessive with it. "We" were playing each other at midnight the other night...
So here's to learning new things. Here's to Mother's Day gifts that keep on giving. Here's to keeping up with the latest technology. Here's to my wife who never gives up. By the way, she hasn't beaten me in the Words with Friends yet... she's so obsessive!

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