Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on the Fam....

Wild, Crazy & Wonderful! Things around our house are quite a bit different from this time last year. Let me give a quick update:

Jordan is scheduled to graduate from Taylor University this May. In early July, he will marry Bethany and begin the next phase of his life. Wedding plans are in full swing, job hunting is heating up, and I'm still putting money into his checking account. It's OK.... but it will be like a pay raise once he finally graduates. I'm really proud of our son, and I look forward to welcoming his lovely bride into our family. He is definitely marrying up!

Caitlin still wears KY!

Caitlin has lived with us in Huntsville since last December. In January, she began taking classes at Calhoun College. She's doing great! Caitlin lived on her own for a while in Lexington and worked at Starbuck's, where she learned the intricacies of coffee-making. Her culinary skills are also quite impressive. But, honestly, I'm sick of watching the litany of Food channels. She would tell you she's tired of me watching sports and news channels. But, it has been a pleasure having her with us. She has helped us around the house, helped baby sit, and is doing well in school. I'm very proud of Cait!

A Million Dollar Smile!

Speaking of baby sitting.... Daniel, Lauren and Savannah (our only grandchild), also moved in with us last December. Having a baby in the house has rocked my world..... after all, it's been 20+ years since this guy has changed diapers. The good point is that there are 4 other capable diaper changers in the house. So, when it's time for a change, I conveniently act like I'm checking an email on my Blackberry. They haven't figured this out yet, so let's keep it a secret... Savvy is a wonderful baby! If all grandchildren are this pleasant, I recommend a bus load of them. She turned 7 months old on the 23rd, and she's starting to get her own personality. She's knows what she wants, when she wants it, and wonders what's taking you so long in giving it to her. She has no teeth yet... she rolls but doesn't crawl... and she and Cody get along famously.

Proud papa!

Lauren is working part-time at a Christian radio station, and Daniel is full-time at Verizon. I don't know how long they'll stay with us, but we are enjoying the season while we have it. I suppose they are still adjusting from life in Sydney, Australia, versus life in Alabama. But, we're glad they are with us and are proud and blessed to have them around.

Tami is busier than ever. She is a discussion leader in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), prepares a meal and our home every Monday night as we host the Summit Crossing Young Adults, babysits Savannah when Lauren and Daniel are both working, mentors other young women, and takes care of me. For that, I am thankful. She is an extremely giving person who always puts others ahead of herself. Savvy will be an even better young lady by having Tami as her "Gami".

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