Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I was Impressed!

It's true... I drink coffee everyday! My wife may be addicted to Facebook, but I am addicted to coffee. It used to be Folger's or Maxwell House, but now, it's Starbucks. That's right, Starbucks. I don't usually buy a cup of this particular brand of java at a Starbucks kiosk - but instead, brew my own from freshly ground Starbucks beans.

So why did I make the shift to this public-favorite brand of coffee? To be honest, it was originally because my daughter works at Starbucks and she gave me a pound of beans as a gift. Since then, I've never turned back. I currently have 3 different flavors of beans in our pantry just waiting to meet "the grinder".

My daughter, Caitlin, is a shift supervisor at a Starbucks store in KY. I got the chance to see her in action when I visited her store on Father's Day. I must admit that I was impressed. She exuded confidence... she was giving polite directions... she was interacting well with customers & co-workers... the store looked clean, well stocked, and bright. I watched as a customer approached the counter and rattled off an unbelievable combination of preferences for his drink. She keyed in the formula and wrote on the cup until I thought she would run out of ink.... all while smiling and saying "Can I get you anything else?". Yes, I was impressed with Miss Caitlin!

Some people enjoy the experience of wine by observing the bouquet, the legs, the color, and the different tastes that create the wine in its entirety. Caitlin can do the same thing with coffee! It's amazing! I had no idea there was so much knowledge behind a cup of coffee... again, I'm impressed!

So the next time you raise a cup of brewed coffee in the mornings, take time to appreciate the intricacies in the aroma and on the taste buds.... and stop in & visit a Starbucks in Lexington - ask for Cait.... You'll be impressed too.

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  1. Thanks Dad!! Glad you guys came in to the store! And I have more coffee waiting for you... :) <3