Saturday, June 5, 2010

28 Years!

Twenty-eight years today! Tami & I have been married for 28 years! Add the five years we were together before that, and you get 33 years of pure bliss... well, almost pure bliss...
This year we decided to escape to the beach for a few days to remember and reflect and relax. We don't get much free time to do any of those very often.

We each remember different details from our past years together. As you get older, I guess that happens. Of course we remember some of the same things too, but between the two of us, we can put a pretty good picture back together. She's the one for me and always has been!

I started this blog one year ago to the day. My first post was the day after our anniversary last year. You can read it here. Tami won't get her 28 roses while we are at the beach, but they might be waiting for her when she arrives home... the tradition continues... I love you Tam.

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  1. Love you too, jsniggs! Wouldn't want to spend it with anyone but you!
    Thanks for choosing me! GOWMTBIYTB!!!!! love, tam