Monday, May 31, 2010

How Much Have You Paid?

Thank You! You are Appreciated!

So many have given so much... for you & me. Honestly, if you're like most Americans, we take it for granted. It's true that you rarely get anything for free. This goes for the freedoms and independence that we enjoy in our country today - and our enjoyment comes at a cost. Have you paid a price for the freedoms you have? Maybe so... maybe you know someone who has... but the vast majority of us haven't really paid for our freedoms... we haven't!

These freedoms are many! They can be as simple as worshipping where we want, when we want, without any concerns whatsoever. They can be as explicit as military protection from the crazys of the world that hate us with a passion... and there are a boat load of other freedoms in between. My hope is that all of us, starting with me, will appreciate the cost someone else is paying on our behalf.... not just on this Memorial Day, but everyday!

I'm truly sorry that I don't do this. I vow to pray everyday for those that are protecting my freedoms as a American citizen. I always want people to appreciate what I do for them - it's only right that I appreciate what these heroes have done, and are doing, for me. Most of us can't get to the Arlington Cemetery easily, so I encourage you to check out this on-line tour. Clicking on the red circled areas will drill down to more information regarding the highlights.

Thank you! You are appreciated!

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