Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let's Get This Started !!

I've never blogged before.... I don't know the lingo.... the mechanics, nor if anything I have to say is even worth reading. But let's give it a try. My son is an avid blogger and much more of a deep thinker than me. He is at this site. I, on the other hand, tend to be a bit simpler - using smaller words and shorter sentences.

I hope to Think Out Loud about subjects such as leadership, relationships, life issues, generational topics..... maybe more.

Today, I'm just wondering if blogging will be worth my while. What do I expect from it? Why invest the time & effort? Will anyone actually read and comment? Let's get started.... and see!

Yesterday was our 27th wedding anniversary! Quite an accomplishment these days. I started something on our 1st anniversary that I have faithfully continued every year. I give my wife a rose for every year that we have been married. Sweet huh? Great idea 27 years ago.... now, it's getting pretty pricey. Don't get me wrong: she is worth every penny I paid for the bouquet...she's "priceless". But maybe 27 years ago I could have had better long range planning and started with a daisy, or carnation, or M & M, or car wash gift card.... Am I sounding cheap?

She tries to talk me out of it every year...."take a picture of 27 roses will be just as good". She says so, but I've got 27 years of quite a streak going here. I don't want to break the tradition! I love my wife.... and I know she loves me....and the Tradition.

Anyone have florist coupons???


  1. Why hello there first time blogger! I am glad you are doing this. I do think it is worth your time and i know people will read it. They are always pondering "the thoughts in the mind of jim bolte".

    Congrats again on 27 years! i am so blessed to have such an amzing example to look up to. I think that your tradition you began back in the day with one single rose is awesome. A rose has the significance of love, a token of forever. To me, that you would carry on year after year shows how you always have and will give mom the best... and that is just beautiful.

  2. I have a great idea!! Plant a Rose garden! Ha

  3. Jim,
    Glad to see you are blogging. Happy 27th
    Anniversary! The flowers are beautiful and
    hope you will be buying many, many more as the
    years roll on.

    Keep us up to date on your biking.


  4. Hey Jim!

    I am glad you are blogging as I have always heard that you are a man of great wisdom! I was saddened that you guys moved before I had the opportunity to tap into that wisdom, but your blog will give me an opportunity to do so!