Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Letter to Mom

Today is Mother's Day. I got to spend the weekend with you these past few days, Mom. I, absolutely, really enjoyed it. Mother's Day is a time for you to rest and relax while we wait on you. But, as usual, you made us breakfast, lunch, and dinner the entire weekend. Your only reprieve was when we took you out for dinner on Saturday evening. While you always feed us well when we visit, I wish you would let us dote on you more. Thanks Mom!

I always feel comfortable when I come home. Even though I didn't grow up in the house you now live in, you still make me feel at home every time I crash for the weekend. I feel like you roll out the red carpet for us each & every time. It's not necessary, but it's appreciated. Thanks Mom!

When I was a little boy, I remember holding your hand in my small hand just so I could examine it closely. I thought your fingers and hands looked perfect. Soft, smooth, beautiful. It's strange that I remember that detail, but I suppose it's because these were the hands that picked me up, pushed me forward, protected me, fed me, loved me and caressed me. Thanks Mom!

Me at 9 months

You have always impressed me with your insight, perspective, dedication, courage, and intelligence. I believe that I am who I am today because of the key influence you had in my life. You have given me many practical examples to follow. You'll always be special to me in ways you may never know. I'll always look up to you, Mom, and am proud to be called your son. Thanks Mom! Happy Mother's Day.... I love you.... Jim.

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  1. Thanks, son. That was a beautiful thing to do.
    I'll remember and cherish it the rest of my life.
    It was a pleasure having you and your family here
    this weekend. I enjoyed it so much. You know you all are always welcome.
    The love is mutual and unending. God gave me a
    wonderful son who became an amazing man and I am so thankful.
    Thanks for everything. Love you, Mom