Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch Me if You Can...

I've become a bike rider.  Not motorcycles - bicycles.... a cyclist!  I used to run long distances.  I actually ran 5 marathons when I was a bit younger.  Many half marathons as well.  But, now I cycle.  Why?  The "knees!"

I've run so many miles over the years that, now, the knees don't go so well.  No trouble walking - but if I run, even a couple of miles, my knees let me know.  So, I bought a bicycle.  First I got a Trek performance hybrid.  It was cheaper.  I wasn't even sure if this was an actual commitment yet.  I used it for one summer and quickly determined that I needed an actual road bike.  Why?  I couldn't keep up with folks on the road.  My son would leave me in the dust and was cruising with much less effort than me.

This spring I got a carbon fiber LeMond (Trek) road bike.  So much easier!!  The farthest I've gone is 30 miles.  I'm itching to go farther.  I hope this summer to get up to 50.  I could never consider that if I was still running.  You can cover such further distances on a bike.  Plus, you can coast if you need to rest a bit.  And the feeling of the wind through your hair at 22 MPH is pretty nice. (OK - not so much hair, but you get the idea.)

Cycling has rejuvenated my exercise program.  The problem is that you can't pack your bike in a suit case when traveling, like I could with my running shoes.  Maybe I just won't travel as much...

See you on the road!


  1. So with your new bike, does this mean you are leaving Jo in the dust?

  2. It TOTALLY does not!

    I would like to say that Dad did crush me last time we were out...

    an alternative to packing your bike when you travel is traveling on your bike and carrying your travel stuff in a back pack.

    Just a thought!