Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here's to a NEW Dad.....

My son-in-law is going to be a new Dad in mid-July! I'm betting he is really anxious, excited, scared, and thrilled. I was a new Dad almost 25 years ago. Now my almost 25 year old daughter is going to help make Daniel a new Dad.
I can't remember everything about my beginnings as a new Dad, but I do remember a few things:
  1. Being in the delivery room was a milestone in my life (I've been there 3 times).
  2. I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to do the right things at the right times. I never had any "new Dad training" before. Now they have plenty of training.
  3. I loved and appreciated my wife more.
  4. I was often frustrated because I couldn't figure out what a certain cry meant. (Later, you learn this.)
  5. When our 1st child dropped the pacifier, I boiled it in water to remove the germs. When the 2nd child dropped it, I picked it up and blew on it. When our 3rd child dropped his, I kicked it back over to him.... (sorry Jordan!)

I suspect Daniel will be a great father. He'll learn as he goes - as did I. He'll wake up in the mornings after only a few hours of sleep and go about his daily activities in "kind of a zombie" state - as did I. When he doesn't think the baby will ever stop crying, and he doesn't know what to do, she'll finally stop and go to sleep.... and he'll thank God for the quiet - as I did.

When he wants to do things as he did before the baby came, he'll realize that this is a partnership and he must change many diapers - as I did. When the baby falls asleep on his chest, he'll come to understand what a beautiful blessing he has received - as I did. And when he realizes that the total responsibility for another human being is squarely upon his shoulders, it will change his life's priorities - as it did mine.

I will pray for Daniel everyday. I'm not going to worry about his "Dad skills".... it's really just a matter of loving, laughing, and living. I think he can do these quite well.....

PS. Call if you need help, Daniel......


  1. Hey thanks Jim! I'm sure there will be plenty of Skyping going on! HA Well you will be here for the beginning and we are excited for that. Looking forward to some words of wisdom amongst the screams. Thanks for the blog:0) I do have a lot to learn and am looking forward to the journey! Oh yeah and I think I may have a name that Savannah can call you...Buuut I'll wait and let her choose..haha mine wouldn't be as fitting!

  2. Jim - Happy Father's Day.
    May God richly bless you today and always.

  3. Got a Father's Day card from my daughter today. It says - "Dad, I love you for more reasons than there are stars in the sky, grains of sand on the beach, hairs on your head . . .Okay, maybe that last one's not such a good comparison."
    Everybody is a comedian.
    Thanks, JDW