Sunday, June 28, 2009

How To Stay Young....

How do you feel younger....? Hang out around young people!

OK, sometimes they actually make me feel older, but not usually. Each week, about 20 young adults (YA) meet at our home for food, Bible Study, and just hanging out. It's really a blast! We've been hosting them since the beginning of this year. They are a very impressive group of folks that are really deep thinkers. We get into some enthralling discussions about many topics, and they all have interesting and diverse viewpoints.

But we also have parties! We've had YA Super Bowl parties, Costume parties, Tacky Christmas Sweater parties, and Black and White parties. At the Christmas party we exchanged gag gifts - you know, "dirty Santa" gifts. I received a French dictionary. Nice, huh! Not a French to English translation book - just a French
dictionary. Not very useful for a guy that only speaks one language (English). I wanted to give a very special gag gift, but my wife wouldn't let me.... She still has the cremated ashes from our golden retriever in a nice little wooden box.... now, wouldn't that be a surprise to someone....!?

Our most recent event was a Black & White party. Everyone was to dress in B & W. We had blackened chicken, black M & Ms, blackberry pie, other black and white desserts (Lots of chocolate!), B & W balloons, etc. Everyone had a great time. A couple of guys didn't leave until about 1:30 AM. Yep, I'm feeling younger all the time.

My hope is that they will find our home to be a safe place to hang out, to be authentic, and to build relationships. My wife set this tone in our home for many years in Lexington....
the tone carries on in Madison Alabama.
Whether they are from KY or AL, we love Young Adults! They're keeping us young...

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  1. Hey, is 43 considered young? Mike and I want to come hang out. We like old people. :)