Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Generations!

Has there ever been any point in your life when you've had five generations in your family alive at the same time? It rarely happens. But it's happened twice in my lifetime and is currently happening! Each time, we were able to get a snapshot of the milestone.

L to R: Dad, Lauren, Nanny, Jim, Granny

This is the first picture that we took back in 1985. The scanned image of the hard copy picture includes my 8 month old daughter, Lauren, who is being held by her great grandmother, Nanny. Nanny's mother, Granny, was still alive at this photo op. She would be Lauren's great-great-grandmother. My Dad and I round out the 5 generations. This picture was taken at Granny's house in Paducah, KY. Even back then, Dad was a serious UK Wildcat fan ....

L to R: Granddaddy, Mom, Memaw, Jim, Lauren, Savannah

Just last week we were fortunate to take this picture at my grandparent's house in Elizabethtown, KY. Lauren, now 25, is holding her daughter, Savannah, almost 8 months old. This time it's my Mom's side of the family, and includes both of her parents. They have been married 72 years. They are 94 and 87. Wow! I'm hoping Savvy will call me Granddaddy someday. I chose that name because of the man in this picture. I'm proud to be his grandson....

In the first picture I am the second youngest of the five generations.... in the second picture I am the third youngest.... not real thrilled about the direction this is heading.... I don't take these moments and privileges lightly. No doubt, it is a real blessing to have experienced this kind of generational family that most never get a chance to do. So, here's to another picture in the not too distant future...

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It is something we can be proud of and keep for a long time. Hopefully, all those who come after us will appreciate it.
    Love you,