Friday, March 19, 2010

A Special Day...

Today I turned 51... yep, it's true. I know you might think I look like I'm only 40, but alas, I really am 5.1 decades old... The day of my birth is always remembered by my closest relatives and friends. Faithfully, my parents still call me every year on my special day and sing "Happy Birthday". They did today as well. As always, they were superb! I always enjoy it...

My wife is spending the weekend in Birmingham at a Bible Study Fellowship retreat. She snuck B-day cards into my briefcase before I departed for work this morning. Her birthday is only 2 days after mine. My strategy: I usually wait to see what kind of gift she gets me and how much she spends.... then I go out and spend just a tad more... But this year we've decided to forgo the gifts and simply take each other out for dinner and a movie. We just want to spend a little "date night" time with each other. That would be a wonderful birthday gift!

But, today is a birthday that I will always remember for another special reason. Sadly, the father of a good friend and co-worker passed away just after noon today... March 19. That means that this day will be a day that they will treasure and honor forever. I didn't know this man, but I know his son. I know that he will be missed and that I look forward to meeting him someday in heaven.

On this day, it seems interesting that some of us will celebrate a birth, and some of us will remember a life. It's hard for me to keep up with all the dates, numbers, and schedules that I need to remember, but from now on, I will never forget this 51st birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jim!
    Welcome to the over-50 club!
    I always enjoy reading your posts & smiling at your family photos!
    It is amazing to see how grandchildren bring so much joy into our lives just when we think our best days & times are behind us! God is wise & loving like that.
    Savannah is very blessed to have a family who loves her & each other so much and a family who loves & is thankful to the One who gave her to them!
    Many happy & meaningful returns of the day, Cathy Moore

  2. Hello! By the way, I wished you a HB via Lauren's Facebook page. Hope she told you! Tell Tami hello and we all need to get together soon. What a GREAT idea!! :)