Friday, March 26, 2010

Only to be Free!

Dark. Slow. Pressure. Three words that probably describe my surroundings the best. I don't know much, but I do know that I just keep reaching for the light. It's all I really can do. I feel so alone and isolated... and it's so dark! Everything around me seems devoid of light. But, if I just keep straining upward, I might actual see some light - someday. I sense that, just slightly, it might actually be turning a little less black... at least not total darkness... maybe, just maybe, it's happening...

But, if it is, it's happening so slowly! It's like nothing happens - almost everyday. It's like watching grass grow. It's like watching a nail rust. It's so slow! I'm simply here, waiting to be seen, but no one ever does. I mean I actually haven't seen the light of day for months...OK, forever! But maybe, just maybe, it won't be much longer...

If only I could be free... could break free from the pressure that seems to hold me down - hold me captive. If only I could escape from the pressure that surrounds me like the jacket of a crazy man. It's not that I can't move at all.... it's that I so dearly want to break through, but can't. At least not so far. What's holding me back? But maybe, just maybe, I'm making the most minute bit of progress...

I have confidence that my day is coming! I won't have to wait much longer. And when I finally arrive, people will marvel at my beauty... my newness... my break though. No doubt it will not be without effort and pain.... but, no doubt, it will be worth it! After all, being called and known as the 1st tooth of Savannah's will be an honor that only I will hold. I'm only a few days away.... don't fret, I'll be here soon.... and at last, I'll be free...


  1. Wow! What a creative thinker and writer you are! You had me totally intrigued and wondering what the last paragraph would hold. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. Oh boy, I was beginning to wonder what the punch
    line would be. Very interesting and funny (at the end). You have a great imagination and are a
    very talented writer. Keep up the good work. We
    look forward to all your blogs.


  4. Maaaan, i was convinced it was a womb episode...

    Good thing the dental aspect came in.