Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite Time of Year!

"UK Basketball Rules Baby!!"
Dick Vitale may not have said this out loud, but I know he's been thinking it. I absolutely love March Madness! Especially when KY gets to the Sweet Sixteen! Making it extra sweet is the fact that the overall No. 1 seed, Kansas, goes down to Northern Iowa.... Northern Iowa?? The only thing that would top that is Duke getting toasted by .... anyone!
I hate Duke! (did I say that?) The only thing I like about Duke is this.... DUKE....!

In Alabama it's all about football... and trust me, they do it well. But we're basketball fans as well and we bleed blue deep from within. I am actually watching the game on my TV via CBS Sports, while viewing it on my MacBook, streaming live. I can see the action about 5 seconds faster than the broadcast from DirecTV. I had a bit of fun mysteriously predicting the plays ahead of the TV. It took Daniel several minutes to figure that out....

Multiple games on at the same time.... Upsets galore..... UK now the overall tourney No. 1 seed.... fan excitement..... last second shots..... Overtimes..... Ashley Judd.... Indianapolis - here we come, Baby!! Go Big Blue! Come on, say it with me: Go Big Blue! Go Big Blue! I know you love it too!

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