Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are you Addicted?

Things are pretty much back to normal. My wife, Tami, has seemed to have overcome her jet lag, all of the mail has been reviewed, the bills are caught up, the house is still standing, and the dog is still alive. I was in Australia for two weeks - Tami was there for three. She struggled a bit longer with the time readjustment than I did. For the first few nights, she was coming to bed around 3 AM. You may have seen some Facebook entries at about that time.....

Speaking of addictions..... Do you Facebook? More than you should? Is there something else that is not being done because you have to leave a comment on FB? Do you update your status from your mobile device while stopped at a stop light? Maybe Tami's not that bad, but I would definitely classify it as an addiction.
The whole FB concept is very intriguing.... just to think that people actually care about your hour-to-hour (or minute-to-minute) status is amazing. Actually, I don't think people really care, but it's a great entry point into a conversation. Honestly, it was a very effective way for Tami to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of our Australian adventures and the birth of our 1st grandchild, Savannah. After Savvy was born, and it was announced via FB, Tami received 37 pages of emails, generated by FB, congratulating her of Savvy's arrival. 37 pages of inbox messages!!

Selfishly, we have also advertised this blog site on Tami's FB. Over the 2 week period that I was down under, this blog was averaging 115 hits per day. Unbelievable, really!! But, the traffic clearly increased when it was mentioned on FB. FB was also a great place for us to post pictures of the trip. Many of you commented on those as well. Actually, many of you didn't comment about my blog on this actual blog site - you commented on the blog on Tami's FB. Interesting.....

This week our church is asking everyone to fast regarding some key decisions that need to be made. Of course most people give up food for a day or more. But, I wonder if it would be more of a sacrifice for Tami to give up Facebook? Could you easily give up FB for a few days? Honestly? By the way, I don't have a FB account. I simply refuse to personally buy-in to the concept. After all, if I want to see how and what everyone is doing.... I'll simply use Tami's account. And, look for more hints about visiting Jim's blog site.... if Tami will allow me....


  1. We missed your blog for 5 days. we love
    reading it - keep up the good work.

    Love ya,


  2. Hey Jim! I have enjoyed your blog. My daughter, sarah, actually gave up FB during the lent season last year--she said it was a great thing, and afterwards vowed not to be on as much. Interesting stuff--- Anna Jones