Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Way Detour...

Today I rode a familiar route on by bicycle... it happened to be 26.5 miles. But, I changed it up a bit - I reversed the route. I covered the same ground, but in reverse. It was intriguing to me how everything seemed different and new. It was the same scenery as usual, but it felt like I was covering the route for the very first time. When you're riding for 1.5 hours, you have time to think. I think about many thing usually - why does my butt hurt so much, why do my legs feel like cement, what if someone clips me on my left while passing, etc. Also, I usually wonder at the beauty of the back roads in North Alabama. Early on a Saturday morning, the fields of corn, cotton, etc. seem wonderful as you pass by at 18 MPH. Very freeing and relaxing - even if your butt does finally go numb.

But today I thought about taking different paths and ending up at the same destination. I covered the route in reverse and everything seemed different - but I actually traveled the same path and ended up at the same place. People do this in life. Maybe there isn't just one way to travel. Maybe each of us takes different paths because we're wired differently, have different strengths and weaknesses, contend with unique and different circumstances, make wise and/or unwise decisions, or sometimes just don't know what to do - so we just fall forward in a particular direction.

But, I believe that some paths might be harder than others, even if they do eventually end up at the same place. Some paths might take longer... some might be tougher given a certain time of life... some might go it alone.... some might wait for others to join.... Anyway, while on my bike today, I decided that my way & method isn't the "only" way. My way is "one" way, but others might have their "own" way. I need to respect that. Honestly, sometimes I really feel that my way could be an easier path, but nevertheless, each person needs to contend with their own circumstances and decisions. Diverse opinions and ideas really do make us stronger.

Today's ride was good, but I believe I like the original route better. Why? Not sure.... I just remember that when I rode the original path several weeks ago, my butt felt great! That's good enough for me....

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