Friday, August 7, 2009

Do's & Don'ts for a Senior

In about 10 days, our son Jordan, will be headed off to begin his senior year at Taylor University, near Indianapolis. I've been thinking about what I would like to tell him before he leaves. You know, something wise and brilliant... something fatherly and discerning.... something that he will always remember and even share with others. After all, he was elected the school's Student Body President (SBP) for 2009/2010. So, he needs some practical & tactical advice from the person he admires the most in this world: Dad! (Maybe that last part was a bit over the top....)

So here are a few Do's and Don'ts that are chocked full of years of experience, value and usefullness for the new President:
  • Don't participate in, let alone organize, any campus-wide pantie raids

  • Don't let people bash the South - maybe you're one of only 2 students from Alabama

  • Don't let your SBP duties negatively effect your grades - after all, we are still paying gobs of money for this final year of education.

  • Don't stay up all night playing "Lord of the Ring" Risk, and then miss your first Board Meeting with the Taylor Administration.

  • Don't forget to call home every once in a while to see how Mom & Dad are doing, and to recharge your confidence.

  • Don't hesitate to begin looking for a new job - jobs are scarce - start networking now!

  • Do remember to check your fly before you get up to give speeches or address an audience - you don't want to be remembered as the Taylor SBP that had the "wardrobe malfunction".

  • Do things that will represent the majority of the students - you can't please everyone, but you can listen to many diverse opinions.

  • Do put people ahead of projects. People will remember you - projects won't.

  • Do strike the right balance between faculty, administration, and student relationships.

  • Do have fun your last year of college - being SBP is a wonderful responsibility and honor, but fully experiencing the senior year of college is a treat in itself.
  • Do keep in mind that there's always enough time to do the right thing!

  • Do always remember how proud your parents are of you... really!!

There you go.... maybe not priceless, but certainly worth sharing with your room mates, at least. Don't forget to call.....

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  1. Great advice to Jordan.
    Personally I like your advice for when we fall, fall forward.
    Thanks for your support.