Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Savannah 2...

Hey Savannah... it's your Granddad!

I know you probably don't remember me, but I am the guy who flew 1/2 way 'round the world to greet you in person on your birthday. I was there for 2 weeks while you played hard-to-get.... remember? But, finally we met and I was blessed to spend almost 2 days with you.

Now, you are are a little over 5 weeks old and already you are changing into an even more beautiful person than when I last held you. You really are beautiful! I know that all grandparents say that about their new bundles of joy, but just between us.... you REALLY ARE gorgeous.... really!! Maybe it's because you look a lot like me..... yeah right! And, you even seem to be beautiful on the inside & the outside.

Your Mom says that you are very pleasant, sleep well, feed well, and have longer hair than me. That's OK..... I'm man enough to take it. Other than the hair-thing, I'm also pleasant, sleep well, and feed well too. I hope you will continue to cooperate with your parents and continue to grow into a healthy, God-loving, young Windsor.

I am so much looking forward to your visit here in December. Of course, it will be good to see your Mom & Dad too, but I really can't wait to hold you again, change some nappies, snuggle with you, and just enjoy your company - even in the middle of the night, if need be. Your visit will be the highlight of our holiday season. And you will be the highlight of my heart...

You have been part of our family for only 5 weeks so far, but I often think about how much you have in store and how God might truly use your life in the future, for years to come. It's something that Granddads do, I guess.... think about the future possibilities of their new granddaughters.

You'll get to know me better in the future. I can't wait! You can already melt my heart young lady. Savannah, I have missed you greatly already, and can't wait to kiss your chubby, soft little cheeks. Hurry to see us! I love you so much, Savvy..... Granddaddy...


  1. Hi Granddaddy!

    I may just be 5 weeks old but I am a smart lil cookie and DO remember you! Thanks for coming to my first "birth"day .. you are the best! I cant wait to be with you at Christmas either.. i'll be sure to create some dirty nappies for ya, probably not in the middle of the night because Mommy says I will be sleeping thru by then. Cant wait to play and cuddle with you! oh and show you my BEAUTIFUL smile :) i love you!! Thanks for the letter!

  2. Brings a smile. Happy for God's gift of you Savvy.