Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome Home, Tami!

My wife, Tami, is returning from Sydney later tonight after spending 3 weeks with our new granddaughter and family. It is quite a journey to go round trip between Madison, AL and Sydney, Australia. In all, it's about 21 hours of flying time (1-way), not including the early airport arrivals and layovers. I know she will be beat tonight when I meet her at the airport.... I was - I made the exact same return trip just one week ago.

I can image that her departure from Sydney was a teary one.... It has to be bittersweet to leave the new addition, yet want to get home and stop living out of a suitcase. It was so hard for me to leave (see previous post) - it must be even harder for a Mom to leave her daughter and new baby. There's a very special bond there... I know Tami is envious when she speaks to other first-time grandma's. They talk about holding, playing with, buying for, helping, babysitting, giving advice, and showing off their new bundle of joy. And that 's the way it should be! So, leaving behind the chance to be able to do those things.... well it had to be hard....

But, on the positive side - she gets to come home to me!! Well, at least I'm excited... not sure about her yet. I have been home alone for the past week with Cody, our black 2 year old Flat Coated Retriever. In a nut shell, he doesn't like me.... He much prefers Tami. When I arrived home from Down Under last Saturday, his first reaction & greeting was: "Oh, it's you.... where's Tami??" But, nevertheless, I have faithfully returned home from work each day at lunchtime to ensure he is fed, watered, and alive. I expect he will be thrilled tonight when "his favorite" walks through the front door!!

We also received our 1st official grandparents gift since Savannah was born. It's a beautiful picture frame with the following engraved: "When a child is born.... so is a grandparent..." It is personalized with Savannah's name and birth date. Thanks Nao!

So, as of tonight, the Australian adventure will be complete. All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime... one we will never forget! Not sure if I'll ever get the chance to return, but hopefully someday.... In the meantime, it will be good to get our Alabama lives back to normal.... it will be good to see Tami again.... Maybe I'll meet Tami at the airport with flowers, maybe candy, maybe a big "Welcome Home" sign, maybe I'll even bring Cody with me.... Nah... I think a hot shower and her own bed might be all she needs.... No worries, Mate..... Welcome Home, Tami!!

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