Thursday, April 1, 2010

Someone's Not Eating....

Tonight we had dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant: Mikawa. The brave souls joining me were Jordan, Bethany (Jordan's fiancee), Caitlin, Lauren, Savannah, and Tami. Everyone really enjoyed the cuisine except you-know-who. Tami ate white rice and a couple of bar-b-cued chicken pieces on a stick... it's called yakatori. Everyone else enjoyed sushi rolls, scallops, sea weed salad, spicy crab salad, shashimi, gyoza, edamame, tempura, green tea ice cream, and tempura ice cream.... and Tami had white rice and a couple of pieces of chicken.

Now, I know that Tami is willing and able to eat Japanese food. She joined me a couple of years ago when I visited Japan. She willingly tried almost everything that was put in front of her.... even sea urchin!! I won't even eat sea urchin!! But she chucked it down like a seasoned pro. Although I do recall her frantically reaching for the closest drink of anything to quickly wash it down.... what a woman!

The dinner choice tonight was Jordan & Bethany's idea. They simply LOVE Japanese food. Bethany's parents actually lived and met each other in Japan. They have since introduced the fine art of making Japanese dishes in their own home. They have grown up loving the culture. Jordan fits right in! He also has learned to love the cuisine.

Even though it's not Tami's favorite food selection, she braves the meal with a smile. Maybe it's the complication of the chop sticks? Maybe it's the fact that we are sitting on the floor in a tatami room while we eat? Maybe it's because she can't read the menu? I dunno.... but I'm betting the next time we eat out, it's Chik-Fil-A all the way....


  1. I had sushi today, too! (although mine was consumed in a very nontraditional method - using my fingers while driving home from school)

  2. Oh poor Tami! Well, next time, let her try " oyako-don". If she can eat white rice and piece of chicken, this dish may save her from starving!!!!