Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Savvy in 20 Years??

Savvy is 1 week old today (Australian time)! Seems like just yesterday.... It made me start to think about what her life might be like in about 20 years.... let's say the year 2030. I will be about 71, and she will be about 21...
  1. Will everything around her be wireless? Will she think it strange that we were once tethered to a wall?
  2. Will she have an additional unique number to identify her besides her SSN? Maybe a personalized IP address?
  3. Will she be driving a car that runs on gas? Maybe hydrogen? Will the number of cars be limited to a certain number per family? Will vehicles actually be "personal air born transportation devices"?
  4. What will the world violence be like in 2030? Will "bio wars" be the craze? Will Savvy want to be in the military? Will actual hand-to-hand combat even still exist?
  5. What kind of job will she have? Bio/Nano-technology? Environmental "green-collar" job?
  6. Will colleges all be on-line?
  7. Will physical shopping stores still be popular? Will she purchase everything on-line?
  8. Will she be able to Skype with me while she is driving down the road in her Toyota?
  9. Will there be any such thing as regional and/or local - or will everything be global? Maybe her high school spelling bee competition will be versus a school in China?
  10. What if she gets sick - will the doctor be able to customize the treatment for her based on her DNA makeup?
  11. Will it be popular to pick her baby's gender based on genetic manipulation?
  12. Where will she live? Will there be enough space for everyone? Will people be living in space? Will there be electrical restrictions when she tries to use her blow dryer - or water limits when she takes a shower?
  13. What will her world's politics be like? Will she have a world government drivers license? What world events will she witness?
  14. What will her personal values be like? Will she be more influenced by her worldly culture or her spiritual culture?
  15. And.... will she still want to visit her 70 year-old granddaddy and give him a huge hug?
Many things can happen and change in 20 years, but for my money, I'm betting #15 will definitely be there...
Look forward to seeing you in 2030 Miss Savvy...

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