Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Evening Out.

Last night Tami and I attended a Junior Achievement Gala fund raising event. It's a good chance for us to dress up, join friends, and have an evening out. We actually dined under a Saturn V rocket that is suspended in air at the Davidson Center. Quite impressive!

I don't wear a tux very often, but when I do the most dreaded part is tying the bow tie. It's takes me about five minutes to get dressed.... and another 20 minutes to tie the bow tie. Unbelievable!

Nevertheless, I had a wonderful evening with a wonderful lady!

After much effort, it Looks Great!

Don't worry... it's not Real Chocolate!

Lauren & Savvy

Bring on the Candy!

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  1. Tami looks GORGEOUS!! You don't look bad Jim. haha Love your blogs...