Friday, April 23, 2010

The Run for the Roses...

Next Saturday is the 1st Saturday in May.... it's Kentucky Derby time. In KY it's obviously a huge event.... sort of like the AL Iron Bowl (Alabama vs Auburn football). When either of these events take place, everything comes to a standstill... everything!

We've been fortunate to attend the Derby twice. I was born in Louisville, so it's even more special to return to Churchill Downs. We always enjoy going to big, highly acclaimed events, but the Derby is "over-the-top outlandish"! Big hats... cigars... mint juleps.... roses.... racing forms... "fast horses and beautiful women... or fast women and beautiful horses" - as the saying goes...

This is the weekend before the Derby. I recall hot air balloon races, Thunder Over Louisville fireworks, paddle boat river races, the Governor's breakfast, KY Derby mini-marathons, hot browns, Woodford Reserve bourbon balls, country ham & biscuits, Derby celebrity parties, and more....

Tami's lived in Huntsville almost 4 years now (over six years for me). Each year she's coordinated some sort of Derby excitement for us in AL. Some years it's been just our family - wearing jockey hats, and drawing numbers from a jar that match all the colors of the silks in the field. We'd always sing My Old KY Home just before the Call to the Post. Some years she'd throw a bigger party with all the women wearing big hats... and the guys wearing derbys.

The first time we invited Alabamians to our Derby party, they seemed a bit disappointed. I think they expected something more in line with NASCAR.... they expected the horses to go around the track multiple times - not just once. They weren't grasping the idea that the Derby is called "The most exciting two minutes in sports"!

Churchill Downs

Even while living in North Alabama, we'll always be UK basketball fans and always watch the KY Derby on TV... even if it is only two minutes... Tami can build a wonderful party around just two minutes.... piece of cake!


  1. Soo... there's no half-time right? (BWAHAHAHAHA)

  2. I have to admit, I was one of the "disappointed" ones when the horses stopped galloping. Obviously, I wasn't Derby educated. : \

    But the tremendously delicious derby pies made up for the short race!! TAMI ROCKS!