Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Trying to Keep Up...

Just returned from a weekend retreat with about 25 Summit Crossing Young Adults (YAs) at Doublehead Resort ... about 1 hour west of Huntsville. It was the first such retreat since we've been involved with this group beginning back in January 2009. Most of the planning was spearheaded by the YAs themselves... and they did a very good job!

Friday night there were a variety of games to play once everyone was checked in and the beds were claimed. I'm not sure when everyone else went to bed, but this old man crashed around 11 PM.

Saturday morning brought a bit of deviation for me. Before the retreat dates were set, I had already committed to attending and speaking at the Japanese Supplementary School of Huntsville on Saturday morning. So after waking at 6 AM, I stepped into a full suit and tie, and drove an hour back to Huntsville to join the students, parents, teachers, and board members. The whole event was spoken in Japanese, except my speech... I chose the language of English to deliver my thoughts.... after a bizillion pictures were successfully taken, I returned to the retreat.

Saturday morning the guys made breakfast for the ladies. I didn't get to experience the fine cuisine, but I heard it was wonderfully prepared. During the day, everyone played all sorts of games: ultimate Frisbee, volley ball, corn hole, tennis. We tossed footballs, Frisbees, boomerangs, etc. I quickly realized that I was not up to the level of energy that these folks possessed.

The Start of our Bonfire...

The ladies made lasagna, salad, brownies, and angel food cake for everyone for dinner. Nice job ladies! Then we moved to the highlight of the weekend. Sitting around a huge bonfire, Brittney led us in praise & worship. It was followed by a remarkable testimony by Eric. His life-changing story is genuine evidence of what God can do in a person's life. Michael then read scripture and challenged each of us to write something on an index card that we wanted to give to God... then throw it into the fire. We prayed, ate s'mores, and played card games.... Jim Bolte was horizontal by 11 PM once again...

Sunday morning came early again for me as I prepared to lead a lesson from Luke 22 regarding things that get in our way and separate us from God. We talked about ego, service, and the last supper. We finished by taking communion and remembering what Jesus had done for us, is doing for us, and will do for us in the future. He said to "do this in remembrance of Me." Loving God and loving people, through service, is the example Jesus gave us.... it's the example to follow if we want to be more like Christ.... and we do!

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