Friday, April 2, 2010

What's Your Goal in Life?

This is Easter weekend. Bunnies. Chocolate. Peeps. Jelly beans. A big family meal and get-together. Sure, these are all part of the holiday tradition, and things that I remember growing up. Actually, "white" chocolate bunnies were my favorite.... and Reese's eggs.... But is this the main point of Easter? Is this what we really want our kids to understand about the most important events in Christian history?

I was very fortunate to grow up in a Christian home, raised by faithful parents that ensured we were exposed to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. I've since come to understand that the most important aspect of being a Christian is not about religion, traditions, or appearances, but instead about relationships.... relationships with God and with people.

I've often said that my goal in life was to go to heaven and take as many people with me as possible. But, I think that's wrong. Don't misunderstand.... going to heaven is a good thing! But, my eternal life doesn't start when I enter heaven.... it has already begun. I need to begin living now in the kingdom of God. I don't need to just sit around, waiting to enter heaven someday. I need to build relationships and demonstrate God's love everyday... now. My newly stated goal in life is to be more like Christ - loving God, and loving people... everyday! In other words: Be intentionally relational. It has eternal benefits...

This is the weekend when we remember and celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This sole weekend is what sets Christianity apart from other religions. These other religions all have great teachers, preachers, philosophers, and wise books to live by. But only Jesus Christ died (for three days) and came back to life to be witnessed by literally hundreds of people. Only He kicked death in the teeth and created and dedicated a secure path to God. This truth is what I hold as the #1 most important principle in my life - bar none! I base everything I think, say, and do on this overriding fundamental key point.

I hope the Easter bunny will remember me once again this year with a small white chocolate delight. But even more so, I hope I will once again pause and treasure the great miracle of this weekend and the relationship I have with my Creator and Father. That beats out Easter bunnies any day of the week....



    read this article please!

  2. Thanks Jim for writing on target. God made the ultimate sacrifice, to make a relationship with me, you and everyone possible. God wants a friendship with us, and Christ is the Way.

    Happy Easter my friend,