Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Downtown Sydney!

It's Sunday night, July 19, and this ends our 8th day in Australia. Tomorrow Lauren will be 5 days past her due date. I plan to depart on July 25 and Tami on August 1. Savannah continues to be a shy one.... We had delayed a visit to downtown Sydney, thinking we would go after Savvy arrived. But this AM Lauren said "Let's go to the city!" If it happens, it happens. We would be almost 1 hour away from her hospital if it did "happen". But, it didn't - not so far.

We had a wonderful visit in Sydney though! We visited Darling Harbor, the Fish Market, the
Opera House, and the Harbor Bridge. Yes, we hit all of the tourist locations, including Australia's tourist icon, the Opera House. Tami took 336 pictures in all. 336! We have always called her the "mama-razzi". (paparazzi) She is a camera crazy person! She takes pics of anything! Random people, flowers, rocks - you name it and she is snapping it. She loves the digital world of photography....

Lauren has been such a trooper. She is napping now in our hotel room, while Tami and Daniel are attending the Sunday night version of Hillsong Church. I suppose she is a bit fatigued. Once we got there, we tried to limit her walking by renting a Water Taxi to take us directly to the Opera House via the water. It was a great idea, and turned out to be the highlight of the day.

Tami will post pictures of our outing on her Facebook soon. I hope you'll check them out.
Everything is ready for the big event. Today I realized that when they tell us her weight and length, it will be in metric. So, I have already found a web site that converts from metric to something more familiar. No worries, Mate - we are ready!

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