Monday, July 13, 2009

Shopping in Australia...ugh...

Shopping! What did I do on Day 2 in Australia? Shopping!! Sure... Tami said we were simply walking around to encourage Savannah to finally make an appearance - but I'm not buying it. Lauren and Tami were having too much fun. At least Tami was.... She loves a sale...

We went to an outside mall called Rouse Hill. It had a myriad of stores and eateries. The walking was good for Lauren.

Before that, we went to the doctor with her this morning. She is still doing well. The Dr. said it could be any time now. Wow... water breaking at any moment.... think about it.... should I put plastic down in my rental car??
What do I do if this happens?? I really don't know. It never really happened to Tami. Do I drive straight to the hospital? Do I start filling out the damage inventory form on the rental car?
How much time do I have? It's just the beginning of labor, right? I have hours and hours, right? It's been over 2 decades since I drove Tami to the hospital while she was in labor. Grandparents aren't supposed to remember these things. This is Daniel's job. But, what if it happens on my shift....? Wish me luck!

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant named Biviano's tonight with L & D. I thought the spicy food might speed matters along. We'll see. I am predicting July 17 for the birth date. Lauren isn't thrilled with my prediction, but time will tell.

By the way, Tami & Lauren didn't buy anything when we went shopping today. I guess it really was simply an attempt to help Savannah along. Maybe the 1st time that Tami has shopped and come away empty handed....


  1. Maybe she will start contractions before her water breaks! I went into labor early, but my water never broke on its own...maybe you will get lucky! We are thinking about you all and praying for Lauren. Good Luck!

  2. Keep the blog coming - we enjoy reading it.
    Tell Lauren we are praying for her and hope she
    has a precious baby soon. Everyone looks good and I can see you all are having fun.
    Take care

  3. So I tried to rush the delivery along with one baby; we drove a 1982 Chevette up and down a brick road called "Cadillac Hill", (it was behind the Cadillac dealership). The brick paving stones were left over from when horses pulled wagons through the streets. So the bricks were actually stair steps for the horses up the 30 degree incline. We broke the shock absorbers, but not her water. Hope you have better luck. Kangaroo rides anyone?
    God Bless, JDW

  4. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Enjoy all the running around, shopping, and walking...that will all come to a screeching halt when Savannah gets here. But then again, you may be walking at night...or driving...whatever it takes to get a baby to go to sleep. oooohhhh....driving in Australia at night...this may not be an option for Poppy Jim to try. :) Just kidding! Praying for you guys! Blessings~ Susan