Monday, July 20, 2009

Would you be worried?

Our son, Jordan, has been home alone since July 10.... Do I sound worried? Would you be? Since we are still waiting on Savvy to arrive here in Australia, let me bring you in on what I know about the 21 year-old living alone in Madison, AL.

Of course before we departed via Delta, we gave Jordan several instructions regarding the dog, the flowers and plants, the security system, the sprinkler system, the mail, the vehicles, the potential visitors, the food, the money .... and a few others. He said not to worry - he would be fine.... Maybe it's not him I'm worried about..... (Did you see his name anywhere in the list of instructions?)

Now, the first night we were in Australia, Jordan sends me a text message saying the ceiling in the kitchen is leaking and there is water on the hardwood floors. Apparently there was a big storm in the area with strong blowing winds. He also took it upon himself to confirm that it was rain water, and not a puddle via the dog..... not sure how he did this, but nice work JB!

It wasn't long before he informs us that two of his buddies from Lexington, KY, were driving down to stay a few days with him. Hmmm, why didn't they ever visit while we were home??
Anyway, we actually have seen his face and his friends via Skype a couple of times. It "appears" everything is in good shape and the young man has full command of his surroundings. I think he has even cooked several of his own meals, cleaned the kitchen a few times, and done his own laundry. Wow, can't wait 'till we get home to see if this trend continues...

Maybe you expected a single, young American male, that's home alone for 2 weeks, to be doing "guy" stuff: cussing, spitting on the floor, smoking cigars, playing cards, running around half naked, foregoing sleep, watching Desperate Housewives....., OK, maybe that's too much. But honestly, I'm really not worried. Jordan is a very mature, stable, conscientious young adult. He has demonstrated many times how well he can perform in a crisis, and execute per given instructions. I'm not worried.... I'm sure everything is fine. I trust him completely!!

Besides.... I have about 5 people secretly checking in on JB.... you know, just in case something like a roof-leak occurs or a half naked 21 year-old is seen chasing a black flat-coated retriever around in our back yard.... you know, just in case. Love you Dude... See ya soon.... We'll text you when Savvy arrives!





  2. Tee Hee.... do you believe everything you read?

  3. I think Jordan should spend his remaining time without family here in Lexington with the Mattingly family. What a blessing that you be!!

  4. Sounds like Jordan takes after his mom. She is pretty responsible. :)