Thursday, July 16, 2009

Noticeable Differences

Since we are still waiting for Savvy to make her grand entrance, I thought I would write about several observations I've seen and heard in Australia that are different from the States..... here we go:

  1. Vehicles drive on the left-hand side of the road
  2. I have to carry around a Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion table
  3. Diapers are called Nappies
  4. McDonald's is called Maccas by the locals
  5. Gas is called Petrol and is cheaper on Tuesdays
  6. The Australians always use their turn signals
  7. Stop signs are rare - "round abouts" are everywhere! Turn signals are critical here...
  8. Elevators are called Lifts
  9. Bathrooms are called Dunnies or Loo's
  10. Signs on the Dunnies state "Gents" or "Sheilas"
  11. Everyone wears a scarf during this season - men & women... not me.
  12. French fries are called Chips
  13. Ketchup is called Tomato Sauce
  14. You must have a unique power adapter for all US made electronics
  15. No one has a tan, but everyone loves the beach...
  16. Bacon is sliced thick - not thin strips
  17. Most shops close at 5:30 PM except on Thursdays, when they're open longer.
  18. It's hard to find auto-drip coffee. Espresso is everywhere.
  19. Coffee shops are everywhere also. It's mainly a cafe-type environment.
  20. You almost never see a pick-up truck. Lots of Toyota cars though!! Dude!!
  21. Grocery store shopping carts have 4 wheels that swivel. I was spinning mine 360 degrees in the store... you could tell I was from "out of town"....
  22. Cookies are called biscuits.
  23. A parking garage is called a Car Park.
  24. Carry Out food is called Take Away food.
  25. And, Gum is called Chewy.
Lauren continues to do well. She is upbeat, although she tires quickly. We spent the day in a quaint little town called Windsor. (ironic) We walked, shopped, ate, drank coffee, rested, took photos, and enjoyed the sunny afternoon. We can't venture too far away since she is expected to go into labor at any moment. It's funny.... when folks talk to Lauren and ask her when she is due and she tells them she was due yesterday, almost 100 % of the time you can watch them all take one step backward. I tell them, "No worries Mate, we're ready. I have a car, full of Petrol, right over there in the Car Park. We have an overnight bag full of Nappies, Biscuits, and Chewy already on board. We'll make it to the hospital in plenty of time as long as she doesn't have to stop at Maccas and use the Loo on the way". By the way, the Biscuits are for me...

Thanks for all of your comments to the blogging both here and on Tami's Facebook. Stay tuned!!


  1. Jim--tell Tami, Lauren, Daniel and the rest of the team we are praying for an easy delivery and a healthy Savvy. Keep us posted, mate. And not otomany chips or biscuts for you. The Sawyers

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  3. Sounds like England to us! When we stopped by McDonald's, on the way to Nottingham, Mike ordered a sausage biscuit. The girl looked at him like he was crazy. Ashleigh's father-in-law was with us and explained that he had just requested a sausage flavored cookie. haha
    Love this post...hope you don't mind if I share it with friends...

  4. Ahh, so many of these things make me miss Edinburgh! Lauren looks fantastic, I bet she is over the moon to have both of you there for distraction! Good Luck!

  5. We're anxiously awaiting the big news. We check the computer often to see if Savannah is here.
    Keep up the blog, we really enjoy reading all about your adventures. Still rainy here in Cave
    City. Big storm last night. All is well.

    Love you all, M & D

  6. I had the opportunity to visit Australia twice while serving in the Marine Corps. I remember it was a beautiful place and very friendly people.

    After spending over 6 months in Okinawa, Japan. I came home on leave for Christmas. When Mary picked me up from the airport, I jumped in her car and started driving and turned into the wrong lane on Man-o-war. Luckily it was late at night and there was little to no traffic. However, I do think she almost had a heart attack :)