Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's On The Bottom of Your Shoe?

Well I've got kangaroo poo on the bottom of mine... Yep! However, we don't have any baby poo yet. Miss Savannah is still playing hard to get. Maybe it's a preview of the youngster's future character.
Today we visited a koala and kangaroo park near where Lauren and Daniel live. It was pretty cool actually. Honestly the kangaroos were actually running around the park loose. You could simply walk up to one and pet it or feed it Cheerios (that you could purchase for 1.70 AUS Dollars). You really did have to watch where you stepped.... Lauren did great though! We continue to try and walk around with her during the day time and rest in the evenings. By the way, the koala's were cute, but frankly looked like they were on drugs. They just sleep in trees. That's it! Sleep in trees.... no movement.... no personality..... no sounds .... nada! The kangas were much cooler, even despite the roo poo!

We also visited an Outback restaurant. The US-based Bloomin' Onions are much bigger than the Aussy versions.

Today is July 15 in Sydney and it's almost over. Lauren is a bit disappointed that her daughter is playing hard to get. But Lauren is not
complaining the least bit. She is trying to keep her spirits up even though it's obvious she is ready to hold her new child. I'm quite proud and impressed with her.

It's very clear that Lauren is anxious and ready. This is a scrap piece of paper that I found after she left our hotel room. She had been doodling while she was talking to us about the previous day's events. Looks like Savannah is #1 on her mind....

I hope she delivers soon - we are all looking forward to meeting the young lady. She is a blessing from God already.
Tami painted this piece before we departed from Alabama. I'm ready to move from the kanga poo and on to the baby poo.... Hope to see our granddaughter soon!

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  1. keep is so fun to read. I don't believe I have seen two people so anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first-born grandchild. You are just too darn cute! Lauren, you are absolutely beautiful and I think you may actually be glowing. :)
    The Savannah
    ___________e written at the bottom of the paper is my favorite of the handwriting! Looks like Tami's! :) Blessings~ Susan