Monday, July 13, 2009

Driving Down Under...

For the first time in my life, I am driving on the left-hand side of the road. I've ridden in vehicles that were driven by someone else, namely in Japan, but I've never been the driver - until now. Aside from the obvious fact that you are now on the opposite side of the road, there are several other key differences. Several times now, I've walked to my rental car and gone to the wrong side, only to realize the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. After looping back to the correct side, I enter into the driver's seat. This alone has proved to be difficult. It's amazing how tough it is to enter from the right side and get beneath the steering wheel, when you've done everything from the opposite side for the last 34 years.

After finally getting in, you quickly see other differences.... everything is opposite!! The rear view mirror, gear shift, mirror adjustments, hand parking brake. Only the gas and brake pedals are the same. But the most frustrating change is the turn signal and wiper blades levers. They are opposite also. I can't tell you how many times I intended to activate my turn signal, only to wipe my windshield, once again. The Australians are passionate about using their turn signals, so I've cleaned my windshield quite often. Tami snickers each and every time....

Actually, I've done quite well. Tami's job is to say 2 words every time I make a turn: "Stay Left", "Stay Left". A helpful reminder is never wasted. Honestly, only once or twice did I almost make a wrong turn.... I'm claiming that I did it on purpose. Just trying to scare Savannah into the light.... we're still waiting..... Let's hope I don't have to drive to the hospital in a hurry..... If I do, stay out of the way of the guy in a white Toyota Camry with his wipers flapping in the wind...


  1. Just discovered your blog on facebook - love hearing about your Aussie adventures! These are exciting days for you and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love the pics! Now, come on out to play with the grandparents, Savannah!

  2. THE PICTURES ARE HILARIOUS. We got a big kick
    out of them. Be careful and don't run over something.
    It was so good to talk to you on Skypes. Just like a home visit.
    We're praying for a safe and fast delivery - and SOON.