Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Goodbyes" are So Hard...

Difficult is an understatement. Heartbreak gets closer. I know there all kinds of levels of "Goodbye", but for some reason I really was not expecting the emotional response I had when I said goodbye to the new Windsor family in Australia.

I am pretty good at keeping my emotions under control... not counting Extreme Home Make Over and certain Hallmark commercials. I even held back the tears at Lauren's wedding. I really dreaded the moment I would start the long walk down the center aisle with her on my arm. I expected to be a blubbering idiot during that event. But, "performance mode" kicked in and I held firm.

Not so when I left Lauren, Daniel & Savannah in the hospital room as I departed for our hotel. Maybe it is something about a new grandchild, maybe it is the pure admiration I have for a daughter that labored and delivered without any complaints, maybe it's that I haven't seen them for over one year, or maybe that we won't see them again for several months. Not sure, but it sure was tough! My "performance mode" never showed up....

Tami stayed behind for another week with the new family. I'm sure she will be priceless as she cares for Lauren and Savvy. It was just as hard leaving Tami behind, even though I will see her in only 1 more week. It will be good to get home though, and see Jordan again. The only problem is that Jordan will be heading out of town tomorrow to spend time with friends. So, it will be Cody and me.... home alone.

The trip down under was wonderful. The weather was excellent, we toured several cool sites, Savvy finally arrived before I departed, and we got to spend time with L & D's friends. We even came to a decision on what I will be called now that I am a grand father..... "Granddaddy"! I call my grand father this to this day. He is in his early 90's. It will mean a lot to me to continue this name for the next generation.

Finally, I demonstrated one act of "real love" in my short time I spent with Savvy. Just hours before I left them, I offered to change her diaper (nappie). You guessed it.... she left me a gift to be remembered: a Poo! But, don't worry - it's like riding a bike. Without any preparation or instruction, I mastered the often unappreciated skill of changing a Poo-ee diaper with precision and efficiency. I hope to see her again soon. I'll change as many nappies as they want.....


  1. Congratulations, Granddaddy! We are so happy for your family - what a beautiful little girl!

    Safe travels home!

    BTW - Granddaddy is much better than Grandpoo...

    Stephanie Deemer

  2. have to stop making me cry. I am at lunch and I don't have my makeup with me!! This is the most precious blog. Savvy's "Granddaddy" is just a big ol' teddy bear!!

  3. oh i love you daddy. i am so thankful you got to be there for savannah's arrival ...and the time leading up to it. We made some great memories that can hold us over until we are together once again. i already cant wait...savannah is so blessed to have such a "grand"daddy..i know you two will have a very special bond. seeing you and mama was beyond words for me. i am so grateful you came.
    love lauren