Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Savannah.....

Dear Savannah.... We are still awaiting your arrival.... to see your face...... to hold you in our arms and wonder at your new beginning. I suppose it is only days away now. Everyone is anxiously awaiting your birth - your Mom and Dad most of all.

It's been a really long time since I have been this close to the birth of a relative and remembered what these last days of pregnancy were like. Every moment of every day and night pass with us wondering if this will be the beginnings of birth pains. Your Mother has longed for your arrival with a blessed assurance and confidence from the beginning - for over 40 weeks now. Your parents know and understand that bringing you into this world requires commitment, courage, patience, perseverance, and love. Love can cover many things. You, my dear, will bring out the best part of love in your new family.

I personally, look forward to the day when you and I can bond in a way that only a granddaughter and her grandfather can. It may be when we are going on an outing to a park.... maybe having a tea party.... maybe reading a Bible story..... maybe taking a Sunday afternoon nap together.... I'm not sure when or where it will be, but I am longing for it to happen.

The people closest to me know that I reserve the word "awesome" for only one thing: God. I don't use the word to describe pizzas, golf shots, weather, outfits, haircuts, pictures, or pay raises. I use the word to describe God alone. But, maybe just this once, I will deviate for a moment and describe my new granddaughter and her long awaited arrival as.... awesome!

Savvy, we are so much looking forward to meeting you. But, take your time... it will be worth it! It will be simply... Awesome. I love you already.


  1. I've been reading your posts everyday. I love getting updates in the wait for Savannah. But I must say, this post brought tears to my eyes. I know that you guys are anxiously awaiting her arrival...and so are all of us over in the states! Lauren is constantly on my heart. I've been praying for her and for you guys as well. Keep us posted!!!

    Hannah Harkins

  2. oh my....I have been laughing at all your previous posts and now I am excited to hear about your sweet granddaughter's arrival.Praying
    Emily Stout

  3. well great...It is a little after 7am and I am getting ready for praise team practice...I am soooo glad I haven't put on my makeup yet!! haha You made ME cry!! I know a couple of people at Toyota that you could make cry by just raising that one eye brow...but THIS is different. You already are a wonderful grandfather. Savannah is already blessed to have you and Tami in her life.