Thursday, July 16, 2009

Does "Late" Run in the Family?

Now there's a question!! Let's see, has Tami ever been late for anything? Ever? Let me answer it this way.... Do Australians use turn signals? Is hair over rated? Does Caitlin drink Starbuck's? YES! And from what I hear, it might run on Daniel's side of the family too.

We are still waiting on Savvy's arrival. She is 2 days late as of this writing. Not too bad in the big picture of life, but Lauren seems to think a bit differently. Tami, on the other hand, is rarely on time. You know how it works..... if we need to depart at 8:30, I tell her to please be ready by 8:15. That gives her an unknowing 15 minutes of "buffer" time. However, she's figured out my sneaky tactics. She expects me to build in buffer time now.... it's just a matter of how much.

Seems Miss Savannah has the same "I'll take my time" gene. Anyway, we are a patient lot, right Lauren? Lauren? ......

Today we visited a couple more baby stores... yes, a couple more! Funny how Tami is never late when it comes to baby store shopping. I think Lauren and Daniel have almost
everything they need at this point..... only missing one item......

We also ate lunch at yet another cafe-type establishment. It was very good, and very BIG! I ordered an egg salad sandwich.... I got an "egg & salad" sandwich. Check it out.
In this restaurant, it seems everything was big. (Look "behind" me)....

Tonight L & D will have dinner with some other friends that are here from Cincy, OH. Their friends are dropping off their
son to attend Hillsong College. Tami & I decided to skip the dinner and give them some time on their own. At least that's what we told them. Honestly, I just believe we really couldn't get there on time.....

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  1. you are TOO funny!!! love the "candid" photo...especially the reference to it.