Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're in Australia!

We arrived in Sydney, Australia about 24 hours ago. Since then we have collected all of our luggage, exchanged US dollars for Aussie dollars, driven on the left hand side of the road in a right hand side Camry, checked into a Crown Plaza hotel that charges $25 per day for internet access, attended a church service at Hillsong Church, had BLTs with new friends in the country-side, watched Lauren & Daniel open a suitcase full of baby clothes for the granddaughter (Savannah - not here yet), and fell asleep about 9:30 PM local time. All-in-all, a pretty full day right off the plane.

We are still waiting for Savannah to arrive. Lauren has another visit with the doctor today. We'll join her. Tami is excited to participate in the process, albeit a bit late. Lauren looks great. Maybe the prettiest pregnant lady I've seen. Her due date is either July 12 or July 15....some controversy over this. Any way, it is July
13 locally, so it could be any day. But, I am only here for 2 weeks. So, to quote the wisdom of "The Cable Guy", she needs to "get 'er done!"

We flew from LAX to SYD in a 777 plane that had new pods in business class that allow you to completely recline horizontally. It was a huge improvement over the traditional seats that I've used in the 35 trips to Japan. That enabled us to be in much better shape upon arrival at 7 AM. The weather here is much warmer than I expected. It feels like a football Friday night in the Fall. Quite pleasant during the day, while a bit chilly at night. Much nicer than the mid-90s that we've been experiencing in North AL.

I'll be posting pics of the new baby and our activities as we progress. Thanks for checking in.

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